If you have been asked to introduce Adelene da Soul Poet, feel free to write your own introduction mixing whatever facts and anecdotes you would like. But if you are pressed for time and want something that will get the job done, use this:

Listening to Adelene da Soul Poet is to hear the voice of strength, pride and grace. Through her unflinchingly personal poetry and her universal stories, she shares with us her message of truth and compassion. 

Adelene da Sout Poet started writing poetry at a young age, when her mother told her poetry was healing. Her mother also told her that poetry would make a difference in the world. 

Through her words, Adelene de Soul Poet bears witness to the extraordinary story of her son. She inspires compassion for the homeless. And she summons grace for those who came before us. 

Today, Adelene da Soul Poet is making a difference in the world.