Adelene da Soul Poet is available for various school and community performances.

For Students

I have experience performing for students in middle and high school, where I have specifically tailored my life-affirming message to that age group. Through my poetry and words, we explore what it is to be different, and we examine our history and our roots. We honour those those less fortunate and those who must overcome great challenge. My inspiring message is the triumph of the spirit and compassion for humanity.

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For Families

I work with mothers of incarcerated children. Over 2 million Americans and over 32,000 Canadians are currently in the prison system. Having a loved one who is incarcerated is often stigmatizing, isolating and frightening. I lend my powerful poetic voice to speak up for the unseen, unheard mothers of those behind bars.

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For General Audiences

Whether in a coffee shop or a theatre, my love and my passion is to share my poetry and stories and inspire my listeners with my life-affirming message of compassion and joy. My stories will make you laugh and cry and my poems tell the truth with spirit and soul. They will remind you of what life is all about. 

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