88 Keys (Performance)    Seattle, Washington
Hogans Alley Café: Black Strathcona launch (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Probus, Capilano Golf Club (Performance)     West Vancouver, BC
Havana Club (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Sechelt Art Centre (Public Reading)   Sechelt, BC
On the Grind (Interview, Shaw TV)    Vancouver, BC


Roundhouse Community Centre (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Coast T.V. (Interview)   Gibsons, BC
Belfry Theatre (Performance)    Victoria, BC
On the Grind (Interview, Shaw TV)    Vancouver, BC
Pan Slam Calabash (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Heritage Play House (Book Launch, Performance)   Gibsons, BC
Gibsons Art Centre (Performance)    Gibsons, BC
Rutland Elementary School (School Performance)    Kelowna, BC
Rutland Middle School (School Performance)    Kelowna, BC
Kelowna Senior Secondary School (School Performance)   Kelowna, BC
Verses Festival, Havana Club (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Word On The Street (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Black Strathcona Documentary    Vancouver, BC
TEDxRenfrewCollingwood, Battle of the Poets (Speaker Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Knowledge Network Documentary: Take Me Home     Vancouver, BC
Calabash Club (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Co-op Radio (Interview)    Vancouver, BC


Commercial Drive (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Calabash (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Hogans Alley (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Jimi Hendrix Shrine (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Calabash (Performance)    Vancouver, BC



Benjamin Cafe (Theatre Production)     Gibsons, BC
Gibsons Art Centre (Performance)   Gibsons, BC
BC Hospital Employees Union, International Woman Day (Performance)    Richmond, BC
Roots Lounge (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Spoken Word, Hogans Alley (Performance)   Vancouver, BC 
Jimi Hendrix Shrine (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Brickhouse (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
BC Hospital Employees Union (Special Guest Performance)   Hilton Hotel, Vancouver, BC



Cafe Duex Solis (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Raw Canvas (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Co-op Radio 102.7 (Interview)    Vancouver, BC
Sechelt Art Centre (Public Reading)   Sechelt, BC
Pandora Event (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Storyeum (Spoken Word Power Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Heritage Playhouse, The Writer (Theatre Production)   Gibsons, BC
Psych (TV Production)   Vancouver, BC 



Playhouse Theatre (Theatre Production)   Vancouver, BC
Black History In Film Festival (Performance)    Vancouver. BC
Pan African Slam (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Lorena Gayle Show (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
Earth Day (Performance)    Roberts Creek, BC
My Mothers Story (Arts Club Theatre Production)   Vancouver, BC
St Hilda’s Church (Performance)   Sechelt, BC
Hackett Park (Performance)    Sechelt, BC



Co-op Radio102.7    Vancouver, BC
Kinnickinik Elementary School     Sechelt, BC
Black History Month    Nanaimo, BC
Following The North Star     Vancouver, BC
Grand Finale Black History Month    Nanaimo, BC
International Woman’s Day    Roberts Creek, BC
Vancouver Public Library (Performance)    Vancouver, BC
Wild Bistro (Performance)   Gibsons, BC
Pride Day (Performance)   Roberts Creek, BC
Summer Blues Festival (Performance)   Nanaimo, BC
Labour Day Performance   Gibsons, BC
Word on the Street, Vancouver Public Library (Performance)   Vancouver, BC
The Farm (TV Pilot)   North Vancouver, BC



International Woman's Day (Performance)   Roberts Creek, BC
Copper Sky Cafe (Featured Poet)     Madeira Park, BC
Earth Day (Featured Poet)   Roberts Creek, BC
Creative Woman (Performance)    Gibsons, BC
Pandora's Collective, host Bonnie Nish (Featured Poet)   Vancouver, BC



Gibsons Playhouse, African Voices (Theatre Production)   Gibsons, BC



Gumboot Cafe (Featured Poet)    Robert’s Creek, BC
Lotus Tea House (Featured Poet)   Sechelt, BC
Sunshine Coast Art Centre (Poetry Reading)   Sechelt, BC
Chapters Book Store (Featured Poet)   Vancouver, BC
El Colo Cafe (Featured Poet)   Vancouver. BC
Summer Dream Festival (Poetry Reading)    Vancouver, BC
MAWO International Day (Poet, Vancouver Art Gallery)    Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Poetry Slam (Featured Poet)    Vancouver, BC



Pender Harbour School of Music (Poetry Reading)   Pender Harbour, BC 
Sunshine Coast Art Centre (Poetry Reading)   Sechelt, BC