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You Have Reached

These poems are stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, and will remind you of what your life is all about. To read them is to feel your passions, fears and joys. Adelene da Soul Poet tells you the truth with spirit and soul. 

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The Great Black North

Winner of the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry and winner of the Educational Book Award.

The anthology, The Great Black North is a contemporary remix of the story of Black Canada. Told through the intertwining tapestry of poetic forms found on the page and stage, The Great Black North presents some missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that help fit together a poetic picture of the Black Canadian experience.

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Selected Poems

You ain’t gone (excerpt)

You left me hanging
What could I say
You went and died
On me that day
Now that your gone
What do I do
How do I make it through life
Without you
And why... why is it
You still talk
I hear your voice
Upon my walks
Fussin and bossy…..tellin me
The things I need to hear……(you ain’t gone)

I thought I had lost you, that’s all I’d envisioned
I thank God…..for giving us this beautiful connection

Hand in hand
And side by side
God choose you
To be the guide
So I'm not alone……. as I thought at first
Those were just emotional burst
What’s happening now
Is a stronger force
Subconscious spirit knew this……. of course
You were chosen….. so you go head on
I’ll be alright……. cause you ain't gone!

Hey g

Hey g  g-man
You got somewhere to go
  make sure you get there
  you take it slow
It happened to them
It can happen to you
So don’t be a fool
And do it
Joy ridin………speedin
Yeah it seems like fun
But it’s really worse
Then a loaded gun and
The innocent person
Who had a good day
Happily thinkin
They on they way
To see their loved ones
Cozy at home
Up pops the teenager
The glass breaks-the metals crunch
Cause they went faster and faster
They end up dead...g
And killin the innocents
Once dead
You can’t get up
The spirits
Help keep you in touch… so
Be responsible man
That’s all we ask
Remember that
Before you step on the gas
  and listen to things
Being said...because
If you don’t
You end up dead
And that is not where
We want you to be
We love you man
We family
So hey g
You got somewhere to go
You make sure u get there
  you take it slow


Take A Chance

Take a chance
Take a chance... don't let it hold you back
Take a chance... before it's to late
The fear within ourselves will change our destiny
Ooo-wee ya know it's true
Don't let that fear hold you back
You have dreams and visions
of where you want to be in your life
Go for it... because
Your heart and soul know what time it is
Knows your path... don't let that fear hold you back
Your never to old.... to conquer it
Break that mould, break that hold, break that chain
Walk over it... not around it
Courage... that's what it takes...... Courage
Because the fear within ourselves
Will change our destiny
But the courage... the courage
Will hold that fear back.... that's right!

Us Sisters

We’ve come a long long way
Fighting with our voice… every step of the way
To get to where we are today
And it’s not over… the battle
The indignity of the unjust placed upon our sisters
In every manner and walk of life… Women
The struggle to get here today has been an
Incredible journey… we are strong and
We are finally on that verge……

As Woman

as woman we form
a voice of one
our strength is in our numbers… together
we will take control of this world
the changes will be remembered
there's somethings brewing  there's somethings stirring
and it’s felt worldwide
it’s good good good and it’s about dam time

with  silent enemies around our table
chaos everywhere everything unstable

but vibes are up with friend and foe
from bad to worse it couldn’t be
we see this  all the time

as woman
we startin to move this line...
the changes that we cry for
we shout so loud
we are heard

our path is set
and each day we gather… we gather stronger
the rules for man
where made by man
us  woman ain’t taken it
no longer
the dominance of patriarchs
has shown it’s ugly head
but the matriarch that are
and those that come to be
will settle down
this here world
with compassion
for humanity
as woman we understand...we see
we hear the cries day and night

and we won’t stop
and we won’t rest
until this world’s
set right
our rights all rights
that’s what we seek....equality

our different points of view
can and will be met peacefully
because as woman we form
that voice of one
and our strength is in our numbers
together we’ll take control !!