Thank you so much again for your Courage to Heal event today.

I really admire your work – which is so clear, articulate and powerful…and comes from such a strong place of love, heart, wisdom and commitment to social justice and community. And to life.

I understand every word you say, and each line is so carefully constructed and said with such clear intent.

You speak of what you know, of your lived experience, your voice is open, honest and you share your vulnerabilities.  These are the qualities of courage. And in turn your courage gives us courage.

It is so wonderful to see the other poets, both younger poets and senior poets in the room, listing so intently and absorbing your cadences, the images you are painting, and the power with which you speak.  There is much learning going on in the room.

May you continue to inspire, to give hope, to raise awareness and to turn us inside out so we can see, and experience the world with fresh eyes.

Til next the step on our journey.

As always, and in appreciation.

Terry Hunter
Executive Director, Vancouver Moving Theatre

“On closing night, Adelene da Soul Poet, aka Bertha Clark, spoke about how her family had lived just a stone's throw from The Brickhouse. Her stories of those times allowed the audience to better understand the roots of her poetic practice and lent her performance a shining intensity.”

Canadian Review of Literature in Performance

Hi Bertha,

I was at [your performance] on Monday and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed you and your works and how you affected me very much.

You took me from laughter and happiness to a kind of despair and then back again to hope and and optimism. It was a masterful performance!!!

Thank you very much. I hope I will hear you again.

Audience Member